🎉 Booking site redesign, v4.6.1 major update

🎉 The new version of Hostex brings a completely redesigned booking site, which includes:

  1. Page reconstruction for a more user-friendly interface.
  2. Booking widget that can be embedded on third-party websites.
  3. Customizable domain support and the ability to point your own domain to the Hostex booking site.
  4. Setting minimum stays, closed on arrival, and other date-specific rules.
  5. Setting pet fees within pricing.
  6. Setting extra guest fees within pricing.
  7. Support for multiple rate plans.
  8. Allowing guests to log in during the final payment stage on the booking site.
  9. Numerous bug fixes.

In addition, we are currently integrating with Google Vacation Rental, which will allow you to publish your listings on Google to gain more traffic. The Hostex booking site does not incur any additional charges.

🎉 Open API and webhooks support, enabling seamless integration with Hostex for users and third-party applications. The Open API provides the following features:

  1. Restful API.
  2. Ability to create direct bookings.
  3. Access to view and modify availability, prices, and booking restrictions.
  4. Retrieval of property and room type data.
  5. Sending and receiving instant messages.
  6. Retrieval of reviews data.
  7. Asynchronous callbacks through webhooks.

🎉 Additionally, there are several other features:

  1. Automated messaging rules with support for attaching images.
  2. Sending images to through the Inbox.
  3.  Synchronization of parent and child properties, using "reservation" instead of "closed" to avoid accidental calendar openings.
  4. Web version allows clearing all pop-up notifications with a single click.
  5. Creating tasks on dates prior to today on the calendar page.
  6. Metrics - Statistics now includes "By Group" analysis.
  7. Metrics - Transactions offers additional filters.
  8. Adjusted saturation of reservation colors on the calendar.
  9. Improved user-friendly interaction for changing email addresses and passwords.

🎉 We have also launched a brand new product website with more subscription options available. For more details, please visit